Redhollow is a small village in the northern part of the Queen’s Wood, just east of The Opals, whose single civic building is built into a naturally occurring hollow in the base of a massive tree. Inside the civic building the surfaces of the tree are a bright red, giving the town its name.

Roughly a dozen buildings are arrayed on the ground outside of the hollow, composed primarily of stores, a few workshops and the Swiftwillow inn.

In the branches above you can make out the the sight of smaller buildings, homes it would appear, and perhaps storage buildings on the largest branches. The buildings, both those on the ground and in the tree, appear to be modest, but even the simplest huts show the work of fine craftsmanship. From wood, to textiles to stonework, the goods of the village appear to be of the highest quality, if intentionally humble.

There is a simple path leading up twisting knots in the base of the tree, worn smooth from years of use. There are also indications of hanging baskets above being used to haul up goods.

Village Life

The people of Redhollow lead a simple life of hunting and foraging, far away from contact with most of the empire, or even the halfling villages known to many elves further south. The only notable activity nearby comes from the migration routes of the Koru Behemoths to the east and north. On the occasion that a behemoth passes who happens to be carrying riders, the villagers have been known to trade with these nomads, but otherwise most interaction is with other elves in the woods.



The proprietor of the Swiftwillow and a town elder. A stern, but not unkind man, El’inere can be terse in speech, but is generally a helpful fellow.


El’inere’s youngest daughter, also employed at the Swiftwillow. Lithe and sinewy, Innedra has the tanned skin of someone who spends much of her time out of doors.
Impetuous by the conservative values of her town, Innedra has a tendency to wander and explore beyond the bounds normally considered appropriate. She may have insight into locations of things that are otherwise outside a villager’s purview.

Notable Locations

Swiftwillow Inn

A small inn primarily catering to the needs of locals, with a handful of rooms for the occasional visitor.

The Hollow

A grand entrance to the hollow shows a sizable foyer. Doors leading out from the sides of the foyer indicate a series of other rooms, but the primary point of interest is the massive meeting chamber beyond two pairs of double-doors at the back of the room.


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