Creation Myth

The creation myth is one told by all races with small variances between forms and names but with an otherwise common narrative.


The myth says that before the first age a Goddess of the Moon, or the the Moon herself, deigned to set foot on the land (see: The Three Worlds). Virtually every story tells of the Moon dwelling on the land, observing the world and in seeing the wild animals and chaos of elementals roaming the land decided that more orderly intelligent life should be brought forth. Each race and culture infers its own culturally self-serving reason for this decision, but all tell of a period of observation and a meaningful decision being made. The Moon then brought forth life in the form of humanoids; men and elves, dwarves and gnomes, halflings and some say even the orcs were wrought from this act. All myths agree that the Moon’s act of creation was aided by water, generally from a pool or well.


The Moon Herself

While some ancient stories simply call the Moon by name, it is generally agreed that she took a living form and did not walk the land as an incorporeal entity nor that the celestial body itself touched down on earth.

Humans claim that the moon in this story was in fact Selune, while the the elves often claim that it was Sehanine Moonbow or that it was in fact the first Elf Queen before the first age. Virtually every other race and culture has its own variation of moon deity which is used as a stand-in.


Human and dwarf tales generally say that the Moon created new life to tame and subdue the beasts and ancient powers of the land.

Elves and halfings often tell that the Moon wanted new life to rise as a way if the land seeing and knowing itself. These tales often tell of the Moon speaking life into existence from the existing materials of the land (see Method below).


Humans say that the Moon drank from a well and become pregnant with the new races of the earth. Some myths say that this happened multiple times, one pregnancy for each race, and the order of these births generally correspond to the maturity of the various races (elves first, then dwarves, with humans being the youngest).

Elves and halflings believe that the spoke life into the water of the pool or well and then bore holes in the earth, as if planting seeds, then dripped the enchanted water in each hole before covering them over. These myths hold that all living things come from the same material and that the races brought forth by the moon are akin to animals and even plants.

Dwarves and gnomes contend that the moon built a home on earth that reflects her celestial body, some even claiming that the stone from which her home was built was actually made from a piece of the moon. They claim that the Moon crafted golems or simulacra for each race and then painted symbols on each creation’s head, speaking words into their ears and granting them life.

Sacred Water

The various races have given the source of water many names; the Well of Races, the Well of the Living, Stonesblood and Earthheart are just a few. All traditions hold this water as sacred and many believe that finding it could be the secret to enlightenment, great power, or even everlasting life.

Creation Myth

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